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The estimated learning loss from the COVID-19 school shutdown is severe.

Our public school education system was not designed to educate students online. According to McKinsey & Company, as students move to remote learning due to COVID-19, they are at risk of severe learning loss. McKinsey & Company estimates that loss to be from 3 to 14 months of learning. And that learning loss may translate into long-term harm for individuals and society. (McKinsey & Company: “COVID-19 and student learning in the United States: The hurt could last a lifetime.” June 1, 2020)

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Revolutionizing Education: Powerful Insights with Robin Lake

In my interview with Robin Lake, we discussed the critical issues of learning loss and the education system's shortcomings, which have disproportionately affected minority and low-income students.Robin proposed immediate solutions like high-dosage tutoring and extended learning time.She also suggested long-term strategies involving defining success, setting ambitious goals and embracing innovative ideas from the community.We touched on the mental health challenges faced by students and the importance of relationships in education. Robin emphasized creativity and student involvement in shaping the future of education.To dive deeper into these thought-provoking solutions and strategies, watch the full interview with Robin Lake and be inspired to take action in revolutionizing our education system.

Who I Am

Hello, I'm Sophia Joffe, a Bachelor of Commerce student at Queen's University's Smith School of Business.In my senior year of high school, I founded eLearn.fyi at the start of the Covid-19 outbreak in March 2020.My goal was to help solve a critical challenge - how to bridge the learning quality gap between online learning and in-class instruction.eLearn.fyi’s 300+ curated learning sites have supported over 50,000 students from more than 125+ countries worldwide.While the pandemic accelerated the move to online learning, it also amplified another problem -- how learning loss disproportionately impacted students of single parents, minority groups, lower-income families and kids in vulnerable situations.Please learn more about me at LinkedIn.

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Thank you, Meltwater, for helping spread the word about eLearn.fyi.Meltwater is an outstanding company of professionals who are at the top of their game.It all started with my cold-email to the CEO, asking for assistance. Within 24-hours, the CEO graciously agreed to help and passed my project to the Canadian team who took over. The Meltwater team has supported me way beyond my wildest expectations.We should all be so lucky to work with a company like Meltwater! Thank you so very much!

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AirTable is awesome. They have given me a free license for their software. And they have provided fantastic support. Thank you so much!

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